Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Old Midland Grade

Probably most favorite camping spot of all is along the Arkansas River, north of Buena Vista on the old Midland Railroad grade road.  There are a couple of spots right next to the river I just love.  Sometimes the river is so loud you can't hear eachother talk, but not this year - low as I think I've ever seen that river, even in the fall.  Connie and I went up for two nights back in June.  Not a lot of wildlife or birds, but did find a pair of mountain bluebirds feeding young.  We took our annual bike ride along the road into town.  About six or seven miles.  Also had our annual flat tire along the way.  Had to visit the bike shop in town.  Always stop at Kay's Dairy Delite for lunch.  We just love that place.

South and Middle Parks

Got to thinking about it the other day, and I've gotten to camp in all my fav spots this summer.  Got my fav spot at Elevenmile Reservoir couple weeks back.  Didn't catch any fish, but had a good time paddling around.  It was hot.  You know it's hot when you sit in the shade with your mister in South Park at eight thousand feet or so.  It got up to 88 that afternoon.  Had a couple of antelope walk by going to the lake for water.  Certainly no water anywhere else out there.  It was dry, dry, dry.  Been that kind of summer.  In fact, I could see a pyro cumulus to the east with the Springer fire.   Always lots of horned larks around the campground. 

Week later went up to camp next to the Colorado River just west of Hot Sulphur Springs.  Lots of green-tailed towhees around there.  Pretty butterfly.  Haven't looked it up, yet.  Cute little baby bunny hanging around camp.  In the morning, I was out looking for birds, and out of the corner of my eye I see this fledgling brown bird, and a little yellow warbler keeps flying over it.  Then I notice the warbler is feeding it.  I realize it's a cowbird chick obviously raised by the warblers.  Pretty unusual to see this tiny little yellow bird taking care of fledgling twice it's size.