Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Mix

A Variety of critters here.

First, what I'm pretty sure is a townsend's solitaire at the waterfall on my backyard pond. At first I thought it was a catbird or a mockingbird when if flew down, but no wing bars that I can see, and a bit of an eye ring. I've just never seen one in town before.

Later in the day, the resident pair of Eurasian collared doves were out by the pond, but I spooked them. They both sat up in the ash tree waiting for me to go back inside. Those birds have extended their range so rapidly. We never had any just a year or two back. Now they seem to be everywhere.

The great horned owls over at Bear Creek Lake Park are still sitting on their nest.

Then went over to Kountze Lake behind Lakewood City Hall the other day. Saw a female wood duck, when I first got there, but pretty far out in the lake. Walked around the whole lake, not seeing much. Then, right in the closest small pond were a pair of wood ducks. Is the male wood duck not the most beautiful thing on the planet? The female is quite interesting, too.

There was a muskrat swimming around, too.

I saw a pair of great blue herons come in and land. Found one stalking fish over on the far side of the pond. He was really going after a huge school of little stripped bass and blue gills. I watched it for a good half hour eat at least half a dozen.

Up in the brush on the shore sat a family of big fat bull frogs. Two big ones and a little one. And on their usual perch sat a couple of western painted turtles. I've seen as many as ten sit there, some quite large. These were of medium size. I really like turtles. I think some are quite colorful.