Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bear Creek

Had the need to get outside the other day, so I drove up along Bear Creek in the foothills. Walked a bit along the creek just downstream of Lair of the Bear Park. Spied what looked like a dried up bug web. On it was this small object reflecting gold light. Thought I'd found me a "Gold-ribbed Hairs Ear" fishing fly, one of my old standbys. Then it moved. It was this odd little golden flecked spider who had a fly. Very odd looking spider. Might be a wolf spider.

Also saw this big red fly-like insect on some Milkweed. I don't know if it was a fly or a bee. Big thing. I think it might be Tachnid Fly. Might have a spelling error there.

There were a few of these immature, I think, Black-headed Grosbeaks flying back and forth across the creek. Also a Western Tanager. Man, I haven't seen many of them this summer. I had to shoot fast, so it's not real sharp. What a gorgeous bird. My fav, I think.

Shot this brownish butterfly. A Wood Nymph, I think. Not very brightly colored, but quite beautiful just the same.

Spotted some Swallow parents, Rough-winged, I think, flying into a hole in the end of this old cottonwood limb, bringing bugs to a young family.

And, finally, a nice Flycatcher of some sort. Posed nicely.