Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gobs of Grebes

Well, maybe not gobs of grebes, but our little lake, Lake Arbor, had a large number of western grebes on it the past few days.  They mostly stay well out in the middle of the lake with a large raft of common mergansers.  Difficult to get pictures.  This morning on our walk, however, I noticed a lone eared grebe diving near the shore.  Went back home and got my gear and got a couple of decent shots. 

Couple weeks back I was messing around with a different tele-converter on my 300mm and shot this red-breasted nuthatch at the feeder.  It was a regular visitor at the feeder all winter.  Also a regular visitor all winter at the bird batch but not the feeder, was a Townsend's solitare.  It was there every morning and every afternoon getting a drink.  Very handsome little bird.  I wondered where it was finding a supply of juniper berries all winter.  Maybe making use of another food source.  

Once again, family health disasters are messing with spring photography forays, so I haven't been out a lot.  I did manage to get away for one night out to Jackson Lake State Park a week ago, about sixty miles out on the plains towards Nebraska.  Just wanted to get away for a night, do some birding, and cook a meal in my dutch ovens.  Made some yummy bread, and some from-scratch beans and brats that was really tasty. Beautiful weather, but not very birdy.  Bald eagle flew over.  I did hear cranes over towards the wetlands in the afternoon, but never did see them.  Heard turkey's, too.  And the owls hooted me to sleep.  Couldn't find them come dawn.  Huge flock of robins working thru in the morning.  On the way home I stopped by Banner Lakes wildlife area.  Lots of ducks, that didn't want to be photographed.  I heard frogs chirping in the shallows.  Got this shot of one of them.  I'm no frog expert, so I don't know what kind it is.  Good looking frog, though.  There were quite a few, but this is the only one

willing to pose for a photo.