Wednesday, December 5, 2012

British Bramblings

A local birder recently located a brambling in a park near here.  It's a Eurasian member of the finch family native to the British Isles and Europe.  Quite rare in the western, lower 48, but not unheard of, apparently.  I went out to the described location and there were about fifteen other birders anxiously awaiting it's appearance.  Didn't have to wait long, but just about the time it appeared my phone started ringing with a real estate emergency - trying to sell my house.  Got a couple of shots, but nothing great at all.  Didn't have time and the polite thing to do was stay behind a rope barrier not to intrude upon the bird.  I would have gone back later in the week for a better shot, but didn't have time, and folks stopped seeing the bird.  I might still go look for it. 

It was like summer in December today.  The entire fall has been like that.  Not good.  Lots of folks out today for mid-week.  Went along Clear Creek for a bit to see what I could find.  More gold panners than birds in the creek.  I wonder if they make any money?  There were a few green-winged teal in the creek, and the usual mallards and gadwalls.  I saw this one mallard drake that looked a bit odd.  A white-breasted mallard drake!  Wonder if it's a hybrid deal or just some leucism.  Maybe a long lost relative got mixed up with a white domestic duck.  Anyway, the other drakes seemed to be picking on him, but he appeared to have a content mate.  He was quite handsome.